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Plumbing Remodel

There are a thousand little details involved in any plumbing system as we know them all.

You would be surprised how made building codes there are regarding the plumbing of a home. We know all those too. For example, did you know that in some areas require an anti scald device to be fitted when changing or upgrading a shower? Not a lot of people do, but these are the kinds of details you get to learn when you employ a professional.

We are all for people doing work on their own homes, furthering their skills and learning new ones. In fact we actively encourage it. Just be aware of your limits and donít bite off more than you can chew.

A bathroom can look like an easy, straightforward project. Rip some tiles out, replace the suite, move some pipes and put the new one in and retile. We can assure you that itís never that easy. The project can be quite straightforward if everything goes to plan, but when does it ever do that?

You are much better off employing a professional to come and do the work for you. Johnson Plumbing Inc can bring their experience and expertise to bear on any job or project large or small. While it may cost a bit more than doing it yourself, it will take a lot less time, and we can deal with the unexpected quickly and easily.

Remodeling needs a plan, and works much better when things are done in a certain order. If you donít know these things, a weekend project to take a lot longer!

Things get even more complicated when you want to move things around. Not all homes are designed the way we would like them to be. Sometimes it would simply work better if things were in a different place. While moving them is pretty straightforward, you have to do the preparation and plan properly first.

Itís no good making the cavity for a toilet drainage pipe only to find the toilet is in the way of something else. Then you would have a three or four inch hole to fill.

Kitchen remodeling is much the same. Adding spurs for an icemaker or water softener is fairly simple as long as it is planned and executed right. Get it wrong and you could end up underwater!

It will probably be much cheaper, quicker and easier to get us in to do the work for you. While we arenít taking away anything from your skills, we are the professionals and do it for a living.

There arenít many people around who can fit a bathroom, finish it, tile it and use it as quick as we can!

Do yourself a favor, call Johnson Plumbing Inc to help with your remodeling project. It doesnít matter if itís large or small, kitchen, bathroom or utility, we can help. We can help with the planning, purchasing and execution. We can often source materials and fittings much cheaper than you would be able to be, and having us do the work will provide extra peace of mind.


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