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Slab Leak Repair

A slab leak is the plumbing industry term for a pinhole leak that has developed in a copper water line below the concrete floor of your home, they are also know as foundation leaks and concrete slab leaks. Here are the most common slab leak symptoms:

  • High water bill
  • Hear water running but nothing is on
  • Wet planters near the house
  • Hot spots on the floor
  • Wet base boards
  • Water coming out below the water heater but the platform is dry
  • Water on the floor or wet carpet

If you think you have a leak give us a call and we will help. We will drop by and do a simple visual inspection of your leak, check your water meter and perform an initial pressure test of your home without charge. If you have a leak then we can provide you with a complete electronic leak detection service to pinpoint your leaking line. The goal of our leak detection service is to locate both ends of the problem line so that the best repair option can be selected. There are four basic options for slab leak pipe repairs:

  • Direct Access. This is the insurance company term for jack hammering up the floor to make a spot repair on the leaking line. We do not recommend this repair because it is very disruptive, short lived and not advised if you have a post tension foundation. It is also not practical if the leak is below walls, cabinetry or permanent plumbing fixtures.
  • Pipe Re-Route. This is currently the industry standard for repairing a slab leak and the solution generally recognized by the insurance companies. A new water line is run through the walls and ceilings of your home to replace the leaking line below your floor. With this option the disruption to interior surfaces of your home can be extensive on longer lines. We use this option only if the leaking line is short or not able to be repaired with Epoxy Restoration. If this is required we will provide for all drywall repair as part of our service.
  • Epoxy Restoration. This is where we shine! We have eliminated hundreds of slab leaks with our epoxy pipeline restoration process utilizing only two access points for our repair. This solution can save thousands of dollars over the traditional repair methods for slab leaks and has a 10 year warranty!
  • Re-Piping. Never want a slab or pinhole leak again? Had several re-routes? Then a new water system utilizing non-metallic PEX piping is the answer to your problems. We utilize the Uponor Aqua Pex product with the Pro Pex expansion system for fittings. This guarantees a problem free system with a 25 year warranty from the manufacturer for the installed system.


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