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Water Heater Services

Johnson Plumbing Inc is pleased to offer water heater services in the Arlington Texas area. Our team of installers and engineers have years of experience behind them and can handle almost any task.

The water heater is one of the busiest appliances in most family homes. It produces the water for showers, washing the dishes, taking a bath, and even hot water bottles. Being a well utilized system is a bonus for the people living in the home, but can become a significant expense when it goes wrong.

There are several types of water heater that can be found in any property. They include solar, indirect water heaters, heat pumps, demand, and storage. Each one offers different things to different situations. Solar is becoming an ever more popular solution as it is relatively cost and maintenance free once installed. The most common heater in America at the moment is the storage water heater. They range from a small twenty gallon, to a large eighty and can be fueled by gas, oil, propane or electricity. They are relatively simple devices really. They are made up of a large vessel with inlet and outlet pipes for the water and a coil inside. When the heater raises the temperature of the water, the coil heats up and warms up the water inside the vessel. When it reaches its desired temperature, a thermostat turns off the heat and the water slowly cools. This process repeats for as long as hot water is required in the home.

Water heaters, with the exception of solar, can be quite expensive to run, which is why we have put together a few tips to help you save a few dollars but getting the most out of the heater.

  • Shower more than you have a bath. Most people love a nice soak in the tub, especially the ladies. Most baths will use between fifteen and twenty five gallons of hot water, whereas a good hot shower will only use around ten every five minutes.
  • Insulate the storage tanks and pipes. This prevents heat loss while the hot water is circulating. Insulating the tank reduces the need for it to reheat the water to keep it up to temperature.
  • Buy a new water heater if you need one. It may be a significant expense but is much cheaper than trying to run an inefficient one. They are rated to last up to ten or fifteen years, and it is a good idea to start planning for a new one after around eight years.
  • Repair leaky faucets or pipes quickly. Not only will the leak make the surrounding area damp, it will also waste water. It may only seem like a drip, but over time that amounts to gallons of water.

Hot water is something we take for granted, but the system needs regular maintenance in order to prevent disasters. Have your system regularly serviced in order to keep it running efficiently.


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